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When Cori signs up to help build a church in Indonesia over summer vacation, she just wants to get away from home for a while. But when religious tension sparks an attack from a hostile tribe, Cori witnesses more than a lifetime of horrors. The surviving teens flee into the jungle, where their strength, faith and newly formed friendships are tested. In My Hands Came Away Red (Moody), novelist Lisa McKay paints an incredibly real story of human struggles, offering powerful insights into God's love amidst pain, fear and death.

Faith and Belief

In Everything You Want to Know About Jesus: Well … Maybe Not Everything but Enough to Get You Started (Zondervan), Australian authors Peter Downey and Ben Shaw give telling glimpses of what it was like when Jesus walked on Earth. For example, they point out that the crowd following Jesus was not a small group of believers, but rather a huge gathering of devoted fans—like when U2 toured Australia, only even more extreme. With good doses of humor throughout, Downey and Shaw explore what the Bible says about Jesus' birth, parables, miracles, followers, death and ultimate return—and offer thoughtful insights into many puzzling and overlooked passages. If you enjoy this book, check out Downey and Shaw's Everything You Want to Know About the Bible.


Some of your favorite athletes share their athletic and spiritual journeys in All the Good in Sports: True Stories That Go Beyond the Headlines (Regal). Sportswriter Mike Sandrolini highlights the best profiles from Sports Spectrum magazine, including the stories of Super Bowl coach Tony Dungy and famous slugger Albert Pujols. All of the sports superstars profiled have unique stories about their faith, from a skateboarder who found God in jail to a pro quarterback who was transformed after watching a leper worship God. Many have faced trials, such as deaths of loved ones, career-threatening injuries, and maintaining humility in a world thirsty for glory. Through every dark struggle, these well-known athletes are a guiding light with their shining faith.

Chick Lit

Jane Williams is a good Christian with so many blessings in her life that her world seems perfect. She works to help a good cause in a job she loves, she enjoys leading adorable Girl Scouts, and she expects her boyfriend, Ty, to propose any day now. But then, Ty breaks up with her, the roof of her apartment collapses, she develops a strange skin disease, she's fired from her perfect job, and she's told she can no longer be a Girl Scout leader. Sound a little like the Bible's Book of Job?  Well, in this case, it's The Book of Jane (Broadway) by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt. And it's certainly not your ordinary chick lit novel. When Jane's world becomes chaotic, only God can help her find meaning from suffering and guide her as she rebuilds her life.


"The wonderful thing about God is that he won't put you on hold," write Tim Baker and Jenn Doucette. "And he doesn't have call waiting. And he won't hang up on you, run out of batteries, or lose connection with his satellite." With a 12-week guide designed to blast your faith alive every day, Baker and Doucette reveal truth through short, easy-to-read devotionals. Up: Devotions for Faith That Connects (Revell) uses fun and creative examples to help you grow in your faith, like comparing the joy of serving God to an energetic kid helping you bake cookies. Topics include talking to God, standing up for your faith, living in the Spirit, and being wholly honest with yourself, God and others.

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