The Golden Nacho Awards

To honor movies that move us, inspire us and make us think about God, we asked readers to vote for the most redeeming movies of 2007.
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1st Place

Amazing Grace

The true story of British Parliament member William Wilberforce (1759 - 1833) whose Christian faith propelled him to fight Britain's slave trade.

What you said:

"Amazing Grace inspired me to live life with a purpose. I saw it with a friend and we were both challenged to look beyond ourselves and do something. In fact, we've been learning how we can fight modern-day slavery through the Amazing Change Campaign."

—Melody, Texas, 18

"This movie shows how one person can change the fate of others by standing up to injustice. It made me feel like I, too, can change the world."

—Alexander, Colorado, 13

"I chose this movie because it is a stunning reminder of how God loves everyone. Things such as skin color, clothing, importance, etc. are all trivial and pointless in the eyes of he who loves us unconditionally!"

—Danielle, Washington, 17

"I chose this movie because I was amazed by the efforts of this man to end something so barbaric. With God's help, he was able to move a nation into seeing the truth. It was remarkable to see such faith and to see how God used his life."

—Marshelle, Maryland, 13

2nd Place

The Ultimate Gift

The spoiled grandson of a deceased billionaire has to complete tasks—designed to make him a better person—to get his inheritance.

What you said:

"Through the grandfather's tasks, this greedy guy learns there's more to life than money. He discovers a new way to live: putting others' needs before his own."

—Payton, Nebraska, 14

"This movie portrays the impact a person's love can have on another's life."

—Abigail, North Carolina, 17

3rd Place

I Am Legend

In the wake of a horrific disease, Robert Neville seems to be the only unaffected human left—until a woman appears claiming she has a message from God.

What you said:

"The whole point of the movie is that in our darkest hour, God still redeems. In fact, Will Smith's character is like Christ: He comes into the darkness of our world to save us with a selfless sacrifice."

—Andrew, Texas, 17

"I voted for I Am Legend because it shows the reality of man. We screw up so badly, but God still loves us and takes us back."

—Sophia, California, 16

Runners Up


"I liked Hairspray because it says all humans are created equal. In fact, Tracy's love for those often mistreated reminded me of Jesus helping the woman everybody wanted to stone."

—Alicia, California, 18

Spider-Man 3

"It made me think about how easy evil can creep up on you—but also that we can overcome that darkness by focusing on others above ourselves. It's a great story about sacrifice."

—Heidi, Colorado, 17

Freedom Writers

"This movie's so redeeming because the teacher fought for these students when others had abandoned them. Her love for the students was Christ-like."

—Kyle, New Mexico, 18

Evan Almighty

"Evan Almighty touched my heart. It spoke to me about faith, trust, and believing in God's Word. Also, I thought it was sweet and inspiring to see 'God' having fun when he was dancing and joking with Evan."

—Danielle, California, 18

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