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Supernatural Thriller

Before Canada MacHugh's father passed away, he promised to communicate with her from heaven. Eleven years later, her father seemingly returns as a hovering shadow and asks Canada to join a network of spirits that appears to offer warnings about impending danger. Suddenly involved in secret missions she doesn't understand, Canada finds herself trying to elude an invincible monster that wants her dead. Meanwhile, a deadly disease invades her hometown, instantly reducing its victims to ash. It all happens in The Dead Whisper On (Bethany) by T. L. Hines—an enthralling page-turner about selflessness, seeking truth instead of blindly following emotion, and braving the darkest "valley of the shadow of death" (Psalm 23:4). Hines' blindingly fast scenes of terror will send chills up your spine.


In Chosen (Thomas Nelson) by Ted Dekker, 16-year-old Johnis wants nothing more than to fight with an army of warriors known as the Forest Guard. But he loses hope when the recruiters deem him too small and weak to fight. However, after discovering the young man's quick thinking skills, the supreme commander selects Johnis as one of the army's four teen leaders. Johnis then embarks on a quest for the Lost Books of History, placing his faith in a bat-like creature who claims the teen has a destiny to fulfill. Chosen is a fast-paced tale about sacrificial love, courage from an unlikely hero, and fighting with all your heart, even in the face of bloodthirsty bat beasts. It's the first in the Lost Book series, followed by Infidel, Renegade and Chaos, which all take place after the Circle trilogy (Black, Red and White).


An innocent orphan named Zeffie walks into Christy's "trash-to-treasure" resale shop, carrying a jewelry box she wants to sell. Christy buys it out of pity. But after she examines the box, she discovers a clue to an unsolved murder. As she begins to search for answers to the clue, she soon finds herself face to face with a killer. Peggy Darty's When Zeffie Got a Clue (WaterBrook) is a fun and captivating read from beginning to end. This novel is the third in the Cozy Mystery series, after When the Sandpiper Calls and When Bobbie Sang the Blues.


When August Adams boards the plane for his trip home, he's looking forward to selling an ancient Gutenberg Bible and making a nice profit. But when an operative from a secret organization threatens his family, money is the least of his concerns. Suddenly, August is at the mercy of the evil Order of the Dragon, and he must interpret the Gutenberg Bible's illustrations before the Order makes a deadly decision. Illuminated (Thomas Nelson), an action-packed novel written by former Jars of Clay band member Matt Bronleewe, is a brilliant, entertaining story with compelling characters, cunning villains, and an unforgettably humorous ending. Also check out Bronleewe's online Illuminated soundtrack (, and watch for the sequel, House of Wolves, available in bookstores this August.

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