Friends After Breakup?

Friends After Breakup?

We broke up, but he wants to stay friends. Is it okay to ask for space?
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My boyfriend and I just broke up after dating for seven months. He still wants to be good friends, but I'm not ready. Am I being selfish by refusing his friendship, or is it better for us to move in separate directions?

I don't think you're being selfish at all. I think you should explain to him how you feel and that you need some time away from him. If your ex truly wants to be friends with you, then he should respect your choice and wait until you're ready.

Rachael Morgan, Nashua, New Hampshire

I think you should pray about it and read what the Bible has to say about friendship. I do think you should try to be friends since it was worth having a relationship with him in the first place.

Beckie Hocking, Woodbridge, Virginia

I think you should try to be friends. I take it you're both Christians. So, since you're going to be together in heaven, shouldn't you try to live peaceably down here?

Chris Mann, Tahuya, Washington

You may just need time away from each other. Take your time. He will understand if he really wants to be friends.

Matt Black, Catalina, Arizona

If you need to refuse a friendship because of a break-up, you should pray about it. You should also be in the Word daily. Listen to God, don't try to solve it yourself!

Holly Williams, Raleigh, North Carolina

Right now you need this time away from him to heal. If you don't take this time, you will most likely grow to resent him. If moving in separate directions isn't what you want, just tell him you need more time to adjust to being on your own again. Above all, pray. God knows what he's doing even if we don't.

Olivia Butler, Diamond Springs, California

If you broke up, you obviously need some breathing room. Don't be bitter and give him the cold shoulder, but don't feel bad if you need to move on.

Mike Vanderwyst, McHenry, Illinois

You should try to be friends, but only if you're ready. It's OK if you're not. I've been in the same situation and it took my boyfriend and me a long time to move in separate directions. Pray and God will help you.

Jennifer Bolling, Tulsa, Oklahoma

You should tell him it's just too difficult to be his friend right now, and it would be best if you took a break from each other.

Melanie Herndon, Greensboro, North Carolina

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