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My Parents Won't Let Me Talk about God
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How Do I Share My Faith with a Teacher?
My English teacher is a great person. I'd really like to help her become a Christian. I know how to bring people my own age to Christ, but I'm not so sure about adults. Can you help?

I would approach her the same way you talk to people your own age. Most people who become Christians become interested in Christianity through a relationship with another Christian. They are attracted to the faith through that relationship.

Let me tell you about Mr. Peralta, my eighth-grade Spanish teacher. Mr. Peralta was not a Christian when he first started teaching school. He had spent very little time in church. He wasn't anti-Christianity; he simply didn't know much about it.

During his years of teaching, God brought several Christian students and co-workers into Mr. Peralta's life. One of those students invited Mr. Peralta to hear her sing in a special program at her church. He agreed to go. That night, someone talked about what it meant to be a Christian. Later Mr. Peralta said he'd never realized he wasn't a Christian until he heard that simple talk about a real relationship with Jesus Christ. When the church program was over, Mr. Peralta decided he'd come back for a regular worship service. Later that year, he became a Christian.

I'll bet the student who invited Mr. Peralta to that church service never realized God had been working in her teacher's life through other Christians over the years. Because of God's work, her simple invitation changed his life for eternity.

Pray for your English teacher, and don't be afraid to tell her about your faith. You don't have to preach at her or argue with her to show her that Jesus Christ is your Savior. And don't worry about the age difference between you. Your witness can be as strong as anyone's. Remember the advice Paul gave to Timothy, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12).

One more tip. Since your English teacher most likely loves literature, you might want to ask your pastor to recommend a good Christian book or a modern translation of the Bible you could pass along to your teacher. Authors such as C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald were excellent writers who were also Christians. But remember, the most important witness is a life and testimony that gives glory to God and attracts people to the Christian faith. Just ask Mr. Peralta!

I'm Torn Between Friends
There's a new girl in my school who's fun, funny and sweet. The problem is, none of my other friends like her. They insult her and make fun of her. I'm just about her only friend. But I can't hang out with her and my other friends at the same time. How can I be friends with both sides?

The way you describe the new girl, she sounds like a pretty neat person. And your other friends sound a little jealous of her. Whatever you do, be sure you don't stoop to their level of petty insults. True friends rise above the temptation to tease and instead find the good in each person.

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