11 Books to Read Before College

11 Books to Read Before College

Prepare for the big leagues with these faith-building reads.
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The Harris twins wrote Do Hard Things to tell their fellow teens that they can do more—and that society’s low expectations on teenagers are super lame. Desiring to stand up and live a challenging life for the glory of God, their book is an inspiring message for teens who are looking at their fellow classmates and friends—and perhaps themselves—and wondering, Is this really all we can do?

8. Not a Fan, Student Edition: What Does It Mean to Really Follow Jesus? by Kyle Idleman

This book challenges you to ask yourself: are you treating Jesus like a celebrity, or like a savior? What would it look like if you focused more on radical, sacrificial living, and less on knowing all the “stats” about Jesus’ life? Would that, perhaps, make your faith more of a relationship, and less like a fan club?

9. The Power of a Praying Teen by Stormie Omartian

How’s your prayer life? Before going off to college, take some time to explore what it would look like to give God all areas of your life through prayer. The Power of a Praying Teen is a great read for any student who wonders if God is really listening—and wants to know the true power that comes with a thriving prayer life.

10. Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan

Do you know that God loves you? I mean, like, really loves you. That’s the point that Francis Chan wants you to understand—that the Creator of the universe loves you with a deep, true, forever love. If you were able to really believe that, 100 percent, would your life look different? How might future college fears be quieted if you knew God loved you relentlessly, and was in your corner as you faced new challenges?

11. Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door: Know What You Believe and Why by Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler

Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler want students to really know why they believe in Jesus as their Savior—why they put their faith in Christianity. Can you say, with certainty, that you have an unshakeable, well-informed faith? Read this book to get clarity on questions you may have about your faith—and prepare to be challenged to make a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ.

Ashley Grace Emmert is a writer and editor who lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her sweet Southern husband and their small scrappy dog. Find her at ashleygraceemmert.blogspot.com or on Twitter at @ashgemmert.

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