The Golden Remote Awards

Honoring the TV characters who model real character.
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To honor the TV characters who inspire you, who model Christ's teachings, and who try to do what's right, Ignite asked you to vote for your favorite redeeming TV characters. You did. And now, we reveal the winners of the 2nd Annual Golden Remote Awards …

Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana

"Whenever I watch Hannah Montana I remember who I am. Miley's character helps me realize that I can make a difference. Miley shows me how to treat my friends—and even my enemies—with respect. Many times, I feel the moral of an episode is something Jesus would appreciate and applaud."

—Megan, 17, Texas

"Like Miley Cyrus, I've made mistakes. But hers are broadcasted all over the world because of her popularity. So, I cut her some slack. Besides, despite any decisions the real-life Miley has made, her character is a great role model."

—Kay, 15, Utah


Betty Saurez, Ugly Betty

"I chose Betty because she is confident in her own skin and does not conform to the superficial, sexual and sinful world around her. She's how we should be: in the world, not of it. Even though we are surrounded by sin, we should not conform to the world's ways."

—Katherine, 16, Texas

Seeley Booth, Bones

"He's done some bad things in the past—including killing for a living. Now the devout Catholic is trying to redeem himself by working with forensics expert Bones to put killers behind bars. Though he's definitely not the perfect Christian, he's trying to do things right by the Bible."

—Amber, 16, Virginia

Clark Kent, Smallville

"Clark Kent is always trying to help people. He believes that no matter who the person is or what they've done, they still deserve to live. He doesn't use his superpowers for anything besides doing what he believes is right. I believe he is a good example of a humble and loving person."

—Amber, 18, Arkansas

Horatio Cain, CSI: Miami

"I like that he tries to get justice for the dead and protect the living. He sees God as his strength, goes to church, and confesses his sins."

—Nicholas, 15, Texas

Nominations and voting were based on the characters themselves and not the shows they are on. Please talk to your parents before choosing to watch any of the shows mentioned.

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