Do You Want What Others Have?
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Do You Want What Others Have?

It's not always easy to be content.
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You've gotten a scholarship to the local college. You overhear another student talking about how his dad is paying his way to a prestigious college in another state. You:

  1. Wish your parents had more money. And that you had better grades.
  2. Are thankful that you have a scholarship. If you find some more money, you may be able to graduate without taking out loans.
  3. Wonder why some people seem to have all the luck.
  4. Are glad for the scholarship, but keep watching the mail for a better offer from your first choice school.

8. You want to have an awesome birthday bash like your friend just did. Your dad sets the budget at $150. You:

  1. Ask your friend to help you come up with good ideas and hunt for good prices on food and entertainment.
  2. Ask if you can just have the money and forget the party.
  3. Think about how much better your party could be if your parents weren't so cheap.
  4. Start planning, but drop several hints about needing more money.

9. Several people from your youth group are going to help build shelters for AIDS orphans in Africa. You need to work this summer to save for your class trip, yearbook, class ring and other things. You:

  1. Realize that if you're willing to skip a class ring, and make some other cuts, you can probably afford to go on the trip. Maybe it's worth thinking about.
  2. Wonder how all the snotty rich kids who don't have to work will survive roughing it over in Africa.
  3. Are glad your church is doing this, but think it's not fair that you can't go.
  4. Are just glad that you got a summer job so you'll have the money you need next year.

10. Your friend's family already has two jet skis, but they are planning to replace them with two new ones this year. You:

  1. Plan to spend every weekend at your friend's house. If you can't have your own, you might as well enjoy his.
  2. Avoid him. You're tired of hearing about all the great stuff he gets.
  3. Are happy for him. His family has lots of money, but he's always willing to share what he has.
  4. Wish your parents would spend a little more money on fun stuff.
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