The 2008 Golden Nacho Awards

The five movies you voted as the most redeeming movies of last year include lions, robots, and Whos. Oh my!
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Hundreds of readers voted on the movies that they said reflected the the message of the Bible, made them think about God, and showed true redemption. In a tight competition, these five movies—full of robots, superheroes, elephants, and struggling firefighters—rose to the top for this year's Golden Nacho Awards.

5. Dr. Suess' Horton Hears a Who

What you said:

"Horton stayed true to his belief in keeping Who-ville safe. Even when people thought he was crazy, he didn't back down about his belief. That is how we should be as we protect our faith in Christ."

-Heather, Texas

"Horton was willing to do anything in order to save the Whos, just as Christ was willing to do whatever it took to save his people—even dying for us."

-Kyle, New Mexico


What you said:

"Wall*E shows what can happen when we are caught up only in ourselves, in technology, and not being good stewards of Gods creation."

-Chloe, Australia

"This movie demonstrated the very definition of agape love. WALL*E and Eve are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other's well being—and they stuck by each other no matter the circumstances."

-Camie, Texas

3. The Dark Knight

What you said:

"Batman's choice to give up his reputation by taking on the sins of others—for the good of others—is an exact connection to Jesus' choice to put his mission above himself. He knew it was best for them, and so did Batman."

-Stacey, Colorado

"The Dark Knight showed a perfect illustration of Satan. The Joker doesn't care about anyone or anything. He seeks only to produce chaos. He doesn't want to gain anything or to get power—he just attacks because he hates goodness. Satan, too, just wants to distort the good, destroy humans one by one, and spread chaos and lies. But yet, like the Joker, Satan won't win. We know how the Bible ends."

-Heather, California

"Some people say it was too dark, but I disagree. I think The Dark Knight shows that in the midst of all the darkness and bad things going on, there is always someone out there fighting for goodness. We need that help to overcome the darkness in us all."

-Jordan, Wyoming

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

What you said:

"My favorite part of Prince Caspian is when Lucy sees Aslan but none of her siblings believe her. When they eventually ask why they couldn't see him, Lucy says, 'Maybe you weren't looking.' Like that, we're often too ready to dismiss Christ's faithfulness and just demand indisputable evidence for his existence."

-Katie, England

"There is a quote in Prince Caspian I really like: A character says to Prince Caspian, 'You have the chance to be the most noble contradiction in all history: the Telmarine who saved Narnia.' As normal human beings, we are selfish and hell-bound. When we accept Christ into our lives, we become like him, and therefore a contradiction to our nature—humans who are godly."

-Anna, North Carolina

"I recently went through a hard time in my life where I abandoned my faith and tried to make things work with my own effort instead of depending on God. Just like shown in Prince Caspian, I failed when trying to do it my way. But that failure is not the end! Even though Peter and the Narnians acted without waiting for Aslan, Aslan still saved them. He still cared. Just like God did—and always does—for me."

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