Because I'm a Girl ...

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Because I'm a Girl …

It doesn't mean
—I won't watch Star Wars for the 20th time.
—I don't know that the Orlando Magic can't win the NBA championship without Shaq.
—I throw like a girl.
—I can't think for myself. —I'm as silly as you think I am.

It does mean
—Sometimes I need to talk about how I feel.
—I like it when you really listen to me.
—I have a hard time liking the way I look.
—I wonder if it's OK for me to be smart.
—I want my friends to show me they care.

Because I'm a Guy …

It doesn't mean
—I'd rather watch the Bulls than do anything else.
—My feelings can't be hurt.
—I can throw a perfect spiral pass.
—I only think about sex.
—I'm as tough as I act.

It does mean
—Sometimes it's hard for me to talk about my feelings.
—I don't like to see my friends get hurt.
—I worry about what you think of me.
—I wonder if it's OK if I don't like sports.
—I want my friends to show me they care.

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