Sometimes we love 'em, sometimes they drive us nuts. But one thing's for sure: Everybody needs friends. We talked to all kinds of friends to find out what it is that makes their relationships work.
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LIZ, 16
Tracey's been a really good example as a youth leader and a friend. She always has something fun to do, and it's always good Christian fun. if someone has a problem, Tracey will drop everything right there and help them out. I like Liz because she's really sensitive. Even if Allison just shrugs her shoulders, Liz knows what she's feeling. And Allison's really adventurous. She's got a great spirit.

KATHRYN, 16: Last year, Jenny and I went skiing, and we had a blast!
JENNIFER, 17: I'd never skiied before. On the slopes, my ankles got twisted inward, and I got stuck in about four feet of snow. Someone at the bottom of the hill actually heard me screaming.
KATHRYN: It took a few of us just to get her out.

DAVE, 17
MARK, 17
We were just kind of normal friends until DTP (Discipleship Training Program) at Honey Rock Camp. We spent six weeks together, participating in three Bible studies a day. Just doing that together with anybody, especially somebody you know going in to it, definitely builds up the friendship.

RUTH, 17: We do nerdy things, just as a joke. Like we went bowling a lot last summer, and dragged a lot of our friends to go. She has this special bowling outfit …
REBECCA, 17: I have a bowling outfit.
RUTH: She can't make strikes or anything without her bowling outfit.
REBECCA: But I'm good in my bowling outfit.
RUTH: She has these white culotte shorts and these matching bowling shoes. She's such a nerd—she brings her bowling shoes.
REBECCA: And I have bowling socks.

John, 16
Megan, 15
Megan's tolerant of me. I can be really weird and she doesn't lose her temper when I bug her. John makes me laugh even when I'm in a bad mood. Yeah, he's weird, but he's also very funny.

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going … " Sure, it's an old camp song, but it happens in real life, too. Just ask these four fun-loving friends. Lauren (16) and Christina (16) attended the same small group at church. Julie (16) and Kristen (16) had been friends since junior high. In ninth grade, Julie and Kristen met Christina when all three had Spanish and algebra together. Christina invited Julie and Kristen to join her and Lauren at small group. Encouraged by the small group and the girls' growing friendship, Julie became a Christian. Later, at church camp, Kristen made a decision for Christ, too. What next? Well, the girls are reaching out to two more of their non-Christian friends at school. They've found faith and friendship—and they want to "pass it on."

Peter, 16
Matt, 17
The most fun we ever had together was at Great America last summer. We were very hyper. I was so loopy I couldn't even walk.

MORGAN, 16: Once, joking around, Susan and I switched places at school. We're twins, but it didn't work because the teachers could tell the difference. They were like, "Go back to class."
SUSAN, 16: And I wouldn't want her taking my tests anyway!
MORGAN: Now we pretty much stay ourselves and don't pretend to be each other.

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