My Sister's Pregnant...and I'm Ashamed

My Sister's Pregnant...and I'm Ashamed

I was so embarrassed by what my sister did that I never stopped to think about her pain.
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"Evan." I followed my mom's voice into the living room. No one had bothered to turn on any lights. The room was dark, except for the little bit of light that managed to filter in through the curtains.

As soon as I saw my parents sitting with my sister, Laura, I knew something wasn't right. Tears streamed down my dad's cheeks. My mom wiped her eyes. Laura buried her face in her arms and sobbed quietly.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Laura's pregnant," my mom whispered.

Pregnant. Laura was only 20 and a sophomore in college.

I collapsed on the couch.

No one said anything for a long time.

"Jason says he's not ready for a baby," Laura cried, breaking the silence. "But neither am I—I want to find a family to raise the baby."

My mom got up, gave Laura a hug, then slowly climbed the steps to her bedroom.

"Your mother needs some time," my dad said, wiping his eyes. "So do I. We'll talk in the morning."

Without saying a word, I went to my room and flopped down in bed, staring at the ceiling.

Thoughts swirled through my mind: How could she do this to us? Didn't her faith mean anything? How could she break my parents' hearts? I slammed my fist into the pillow.

As the hours ticked by, my anger grew. I wanted my parents to punish Laura for her stupid mistake. She knew it was wrong and now had to pay the consequences for her actions.

I hardly slept that night.

When I woke up, I made my way to the kitchen where my family was gathered. I was expecting my parents to be as angry as I was. But instead, my mom sighed deeply and motioned for us all to sit around the kitchen table.

"Laura, you did the right thing," my mom said. "You could have ended the pregnancy, and we never would have known."

"I thought about it," Laura whispered. "But I couldn't."

"I'll take you to the doctor today," Mom said, wiping away tears. Then she grabbed my dad's hand. "And if adoption is the choice you're making for your baby, we will support you."

Dad took a deep breath. "We love you, Laura," he said. "We will all pray for you and the baby."

I clinched my jaw. I honestly didn't feel like praying for either one of them. As the weeks went by, it seemed like my entire family changed. Instead of going back to college, Laura stayed home so my parents could help her through the pregnancy and adoption procedure.

My mom constantly told Laura how proud she was of the choice she was making.

How could she be proud of Laura? I was embarrassed by her pregnancy. I was constantly running into people who had a million questions. I hated explaining that Laura wasn't getting married and was placing the baby up for adoption. I felt like I was being judged for my sister's mistakes.

I also felt like an outsider. I couldn't stand seeing Laura's belly grow or hearing about the pregnancy or the baby. One day my mom and Laura came home with a picture from the doctor.

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