Service Ideas for Your Youth Group

Service Ideas for Your Youth Group

Random Acts of Kindness Day and other service ideas for your youth group.
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Is your youth group looking for some new ideas? Well, we've heard about some great stuff going on in church youth groups and Christian clubs all over the world. Check out these awesome ideas for challenging your faith, reaching out to your community, and just having a good time with your Christian friends.

Big Shots

The youth group from Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, planned "Random Acts of Kindness Day." The group came up with ways to spread quick shots of God's love around the city, like:

— Baking brownies and cookies and taking them to the local police department and fire station. (They even got to slide down the fire pole!)

— Heading to the grocery store, picking out a person waiting in the express lane with just a few items, and paying for their groceries.

— Driving through a big apartment complex on a Saturday, finding someone who's moving out or in, then helping haul their stuff.

After each "Act of Kindness," the Oak Grove group gave its "victims" a card that read, "Congratulations! You have been hit by a random act of kindness by the Oak Grove Youth Group. We hope our encounter has made your day a little brighter and has painted a smile across your face. Please feel free to pass this kindness on to someone else. Your pals, The Oak Grove Youth Group … Ephesians 4:32: 'Be kind and compassionate to one another … '"


"During 'Random Acts,' we tend to get real excited about giving. It's actually kind of funny, since we have to be careful not to scare people when we offer them something or step forward to say a kind word. People just aren't used to getting something for nothing. It makes me realize how much they really need to understand what God is like."

-David Shirk
member of the Oak Grove youth group

"Homing" in on a Need

To serve the people of their community, the Youth Group of Windsor Fellowship in Johannesburg, South Africa "adopted" a Salvation Army home for kids. They visit the home once a month to run a children's ministry program. And once every few months, the youth group plans a big event, like a day-long picnic in the park.

Is That My Mom?!?

The youth group from Greenville Free Methodist Church in Greenville, Illinois, thought it would be fun to include their parents in an event. So they held a Parent Hunt at the airport. The parents, in disguises ranging from a body builder to a pregnant woman, hid in the airport. The group members had an hour to find them. If they thought they spotted a parent from their group, they had to ask, "Mommy, Mommy, is that you?" Pretty embarrassing when the answer was "No."

Getting Involved

Your youth leader's not the only one who can liven up your youth group. Take the initiative and help your leader come up with ways to keep your group fired up for Christ.

Offer to help lead a Bible study before or after regular group meetings, or at another time during the week.

— Invite your youth leader to join you for lunch at your school cafeteria (check with a school official first to see if it's OK). Introduce your youth leader to a few of your friends.

— Meet with other group members and pray for your leader. Ask God to strengthen and support him or her.

— If you've got an idea for a fun event, tell your leader about it. And offer to help put it together.

— Volunteer to put together a skit that supports the week's theme.

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