Summer Activities for Your Youth Group

Summer Activities for Your Youth Group

Ideas to make the most of your summer break, from youth groups just like yours.
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Is your youth group looking for some new ideas? Well, we've heard about some great stuff going on in church youth groups and Christian clubs all over the world. Check out these awesome ideas for challenging your faith, reaching out to your community, and just having a good time with your Christian friends.

A Righteous Roundup

In Derry, Pennsylvania (pop. 2,912), the youth group at the Christian Fellowship Center of Derry has found a way to make the most of its rural setting. For the past few years, the group has held a Country Roundup for all the high-school students in town. Everyone dresses in their best overalls and flannel shirts for a night of food, hayrides and, of course, big competitions, like:

  1. Hay Bale Tossing
  2. Wheelbarrow Obstacle Course
  3. Seed Spitting (for distance and accuracy)
  4. Tractor Pull (complete with real tractors)
  5. Musical Guys (the guys are the chairs, the girls have to sit on 'em)
  6. Chicken Peck (picking candy corn off the floor with your mouth)
  7. Turkey Bowling (using a frozen turkey and a set of 2-liter plastic bottles)

When all the games are done, the group holds a major awards ceremony. There are plenty of prizes for the winners, donated by local businesses.

Once the awards have been handed out, the group gets a bit more serious. A few members of the youth group give their testimonies and present the gospel. Each year, several students stick around to find out more about Christ.

In the three years the group from the Christian Fellowship Center has held the Roundup, attendance has increased. The first year, 85 people showed up (not bad for a town of 2,912). Last year, a whopping 175 donned their overalls and hopped on the haywagon.

Boy Howdy! Sounds like a stompin' good time.

Hometown Improvement

Getting their hands dirty is no problem for the Christ Community Church youth group in Franklin, Tennessee. Several members of the group spent a long, hard Saturday helping a family in Franklin fix up their run-down old house. The group members painted the house inside and out, fixed up the kitchen and even repaired the badly-damaged roof. They had such a great time helping make one family's home a little more livable, they've decided to do more home-improvement projects for other needy families in Franklin.

Getting Involved

Want to rev up your group meetings? Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your summer break:

Go camping. Ask your youth leader to help you find a nearby campground where your group can set up camp for a night or two. No big plans, no big money. Just a fun—and cheap—way to hang out in God's beautiful creation.

Make a splash. Plan a water carnival. Just find a lake, pond or pool, grab some friends and plan a few fun, wet activities. Think water polo, beach volleyball, water fights, and sand castle contests.

Get fired up for the 4th. Ask your youth leader to help your group put together a Fourth of July family picnic for the church. Ask people from the church to help with activities, food and entertainment.

Do your own drive-in. Use the church parking lot or your own backyard as an outdoor movie theater. Encourage friends to bring blankets or chairs, food and family. Use a movie screen and projector from the church and check the local library for reel-to-reel movies you can borrow for free. Don't forget the bug spray!

Have a ball. Start up a summer softball or volleyball league with other area youth groups. Whether you play once a week or once a month, you'll have a great time meeting people from other groups.

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