Pet Show!

We wanted to get to know your Felix or Fido—his quirks, perks and overall best features. Here's what you shared with us …
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Clever Critters

"My cat Tigger used to go with me on my paper route and sit on my shoulders. He would just lay around my neck and watch. One guy along the route used to call him 'Velcro' because he stuck to me so tight."

Naomi Bosin, 14
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

"My dog is so smart. She has figured out she doesn't have to do the trick to get rewarded."

Autumn Mathes, 14
Scotland, Arizona

"When my black Labrador, Shadow, was a puppy, my mom sent away for information on obedience school. When it came in the mail, it was sitting with the other mail in a pile on the floor. Later we found the piece of mail from obedience school chewed up. No other mail had been touched. We opened it up, and right where it said, 'What do you hope to accomplish?' there was a big hole where Shadow had chewed it. Shadow never went to obedience school."

Katie Green, 17
Baraboo, Wisconsin

"My cat can open doors—really! She puts her paw up under the door and pushes on the wall with her other paw until it opens—if it's not totally shut."

Starla Grussendorf, 15
Bailey, Colorado

"My dog, Katie, rings a bell that's by our back door when ever she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom."

Jackie Griffith, 19
Moorpask, California

For the Love of Pets

"I think God put animals on this earth for a huge reason—comfort. Pets are perfect to have around when you're upset. It's like they sense it."

Mandi McMichael, 17
Independence, Missouri

"Sunny, my cat, stays by my side all the time. She lets me know that she loves me, unconditionally. She is always there when I'm sad, sick or stressed."

Starla Willis, 16
Fort Worth, Texas

"My horse, Pete, loves when I sing to him. Some of his favorite songs are: 'Jesus Loves the Little Horses' and 'Home on the Range.'"

Kara Givens, 16
Senatobia, Mississippi

Your Pets!

Pets owned by readers who answered our survey:

Dog: 35%

Cat: 29%

Bird: 8%

Fish: 8%

Horse: 6%

Rabbit: 3%

Gerbil: 3%

Hamster: 2%

Chicken: 1%

Rat: 1%

Cow: 1%

Duck: .5%

Snake: .5%

Sheep: .5%

Turtle: .5%

Goat: .5%

Pig: .5%

Not So Normal Pets

"I show Guinevere, my potbellied pig, that I love her by rubbing her belly. She also loves to eat candy bars. So I give her one or two a day."

Amanda Tischhauser, 18
Athens, Tennessee

"I can ride my calf Annabelle … until I get thrown off! She licks me and she's really playful. She'll butt me around with her head."

Rheanna Wiedeman, 15
Hallsville, Texas

"Thumbalina is the only one out of 60 sheep on our farm who comes when you call her name. I take care of her and rub her behind her ears, her favorite spot. She gives me her hoof when I ask for it."

Erin Griffin, 14
Henderson, North Carolina

Silly Stories

"One Christmas my sister and I decided to put chocolate candy on all our presents to our family. Little did we know my mom and dad planned to let my dog Schnitzel out of her cage on Christmas Eve night. When I woke up on Christmas morning, Schnitzel had eaten all the candy and was sick the whole day."

Melissa Helen Williams, 16
Hanna City, Illinois

"Once when a couple of my friends and I were driving around, we decided to bring our dogs. I started feeding my dog potato chips, and he got car sick and threw up. It was kind of gross, but now it's really funny."

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