True Stories from Driver's Ed

True Stories from Driver's Ed

Strange-but-true stories from behind the wheel
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What a Gas!

When one Colorado student went out for a drive, the instructor told her to stop by the school district's transportation center to fill up with gas.

While the student pumped the gas, the instructor offered some tips.

"Hey," he said, "you don't need to squeeze the handle if you flip this little clip here." And he flipped the clip.

Then he said, "Hey, you don't even need to hold this if you wedge it here on the bumper."

So he took the handle out of her hand and wedged it into the bumper. Thirty seconds later, the hose came unhooked, but the clip stayed secure.

The hose flipped all around like an angry rattlesnake, spewing gas all over the place—including the instructor and the student!

So Long, Coach!

Nancy was especially nervous behind the wheel of the brand-new driver's ed car—the car that Coach Klosterman was so proud of.

Still, everything was going smoothly … until they had to leave the grounds of their school in North Carolina. Nancy panicked, and stepped on the gas hard as she turned left, tires squealing furiously.

Coach Klosterman's door flew open, and he went flying out onto the pavement!

Nancy panicked again, hitting the gas instead of the brake, dodging the oncoming traffic. When she finally found the brake, the car skidded into a 180-degree spin.

While another student in the back seat lost his lunch, ruining that new-car smell, Nancy screamed, "What'll we do! Coach'll kill me!"

Fortunately, Coach K didn't kill her. And just as fortunately, she hadn't killed him either. He was fine, though quite upset.

Ruff Road Ahead!

Some students in New Mexico were out for a drive when a dog suddenly walked in front of the car.

The driving instructor, fearing the student might lose control of the car by swerving to miss the dog, said, "Go ahead and hit it."

By then, the dog had crossed the road. But the student complied anyway, taking a hard left and chasing the petrified pooch into a pasture!

The instructor stomped on the brake, and the car stopped less than five feet in front of the poor pup!

"Why did you turn off the highway?" the instructor shouted.

"Well," said the student, "you said to hit the dog."

Temper, Temper!

Last fall, a few high school students in North Carolina were in the wrong place at the wrong time when their driving instructor made national headlines.

They were out for a drive during class when another car cut 'em off. The instructor ordered the student driver to give chase. The student complied—hey, she really wanted an A—and when they caught up with the other car at a stoplight, the instructor got out, walked over to the other car, and … whack!

He punched the guy in the nose. Oh, and he lost his job, too. School officials figured he probably was a bit too tense to teach people how to drive.

No Passing Zone!

Erin, a student from Iowa, just didn't get it. While driving one day with her instructor and fellow students, their car came upon a slower vehicle.

"Kick it into passing gear, signal and pass," said the instructor.

Erin didn't do anything.

"Put it in passing gear!" the instructor yelled.

Clueless Erin looked down at the gear shift, and shifted into the gear she thought stood for passing—"P."

"P," of course, means "Park."

A horrendous sound came from the engine, and the instructor stopped the car with his brake.

Needless to say, Erin didn't pass—pun intended.

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