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When It Counts

Olympic medalist David Neville talks about his dive to the finish line and his faith in Christ.


Two teen brothers are launching a rebellion—against low expectations.

Why Didn't He Hate Me?

I'd killed his wife in a car accident, and now he wanted to talk to me.

If Anybody Knew the Real Me

How could God love a messed-up guy like me?

A Winning Idea

How one teen's invention is making a difference in the lives of African amputees.

Returning Gifts of Love

Claire Peterson's life was changed by caring Christians. Now, she's trying to do the same.

Zach Hunter, Freedom Fighter

Meet a modern-day abolitionist.

Get Lost, Unibrow!

When it came to how we treated Jackson, I thought I was the good guy.

We Didn't Know How to Help

Allison's new relationship was a bad idea. But what could we do?

Everything But All the Way

Even though I was a virgin, I felt anything but sexually pure.
Displaying 21–30 of 166
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