Why We Do Hard Things

The teen authors of Do Hard Things are challenging you to join their rebellion against low expectations.
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Alex: To people who say we should just not vote or stay home, we don't agree that that's right. We believe it is our obligation to vote for the best candidate available.

At Ignite, we've seen many teens like Zach Hunter doing amazing things in the world. Why is this generation the generation of the rebelution?

Brett:  You can't explain young people getting outside of themselves, serving others, and accomplishing these incredible things apart from God working in their lives—whether it's grace in the life of a Christian or even common grace in the life of an unbeliever.

Second, our generation has an availability of information that's unprecedented. New technology allows them greater access to the world and provides a platform we've never had before.

Being home-schooled, do you find difference in the reaction to your message from high school attendees?

Alex: The number one response we receive from homeschool students would be, "I thought I was the only one who felt this way." They feel isolated, and this is an affirmation they're not alone in wanting to live for more. For public and private school students, maybe the reaction is more of a paradigm shift because they're a little bit more surrounded by the culture of low expectations.

Brett: The main thing I've seen is just that there's different application of the message. For instance, public schoolers are more likely to be challenged by taking a stand, going against the flow. Homeschoolers identify more with the challenge to do those things that don't pay off immediately and going above and beyond what's expected or required.

How has doing hard things specifically changed your individual faiths?

Alex: One of the neatest lessons for me has just been realizing that God still uses young people. You look at Scripture and read about King David, King Josiah, Esther, Jeremiah, Mary the mother of Jesus, all these young people who God used to change the course of history. It's been amazing to hear all the stories of ordinary young people like us who God is using to impact thousands and thousands of lives. That is a very faith-deepening thing.

Brett: I was just reading the other day in the Bible about when Christ called the apostles. He said, "I'm going to make you fishers of men." These were fishermen. These were not well-qualified people. The only thing that qualified them was the willingness to leave everything and follow Christ. And so my greatest lesson has just been that I have done nothing to deserve or earn the things that God has done in my life and through my life. The only qualification I had, which is also by his grace, is that I was willing to say, "I'm going to do hard things for you. I'm going to leave everything. I'm going to obey you when it's hard."

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