How to Tell If a Small Church Is Strategic or Stuck
5 types of strategically small churches, and 4 types of stuck churches. Which one are you?

What I’m referring to are the demographics of the community, not its sins.

For instance, a strategically small church in an ethnically diverse community will be an ethnically diverse church. But a church whose average age is 25 years older than the average age in its surrounding community is stuck, not strategic. On the other hand, a church full of seniors in the middle of a retirement village may be meeting the needs of its community just right.

If your church demographics look like the neighborhood used to look, instead of the way the neighborhood currently looks, you’re not strategic, you’re stuck.

Uh Oh! What Do I Do If My Church Is Stuck?

If your church is stuck, it’s not fatal. You can become strategic.

How? I’m glad you asked.

Here are some articles that can start you on that path:

It's time for small churches to get strategic.

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