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Mentoring Is Better than Curriculum: Seven Steps to Better Discipleship
How to implement Jethro's plan and Jesus' process to turn believers into disciples. Whatever size your church is.

In our church, we’ve recently instituted a program for rotating Service Hosts. A Service Host is a regular church attender – usually a college student – who does two important things in our Sunday morning services. They give a greeting and the announcements at the start of the service. Then, later on, they receive the offering, including delivering a two- to three-minute mini-talk about giving.

Before they do it the first time, we walk them through it, including hearing and editing their mini-talk. After each of the first few times they do it, we sit down with them and assess how it went.

7. Help Them Mentor the Next Person

Discipling that first person is the hardest part. It’s likely to take a few false starts before you find someone who will really follow through with it.

In every step of this process, the student should be reminded that they will eventually be the mentor for someone else. Knowing this helps them focus on their own training and it helps them keep their eyes open for who the next student might be.

This is where it starts getting fun. Usually – in fact, almost every time – the second student comes along because the original student finds them. And it’s almost always before you think they’re ready to start mentoring.

Don’t wait. We need to turn disciples into mentors as soon as possible. Sometimes while they’re still in the middle of their own mentoring process.

Disciples mentoring other disciples. That’s when you know it’s working.

Disciples mentoring other disciples. That’s when you know it’s working.

What If I Don’t Have One to Start With?

There are many struggling churches that are barely in survival mode. The idea of mentoring sounds great, but you look around at your small, discouraged, maybe aging congregation and you can’t see one believer to mentor.

What do you do then?

My next two posts, which could be considered prequels to this one, will take a practical look at this problem:

We can do this.

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August 26, 2015 at 11:01 AM

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