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Hoverboards In Church? 22 Differences Between Gimmicks and Innovations
Gimmicks are like candy. They're fun for a moment. But you can't build a steady diet – or a strong church – on them.

5. GIMMICKS are about what's happening today, sometimes ignoring or mocking the past.
INNOVATION leads to tomorrow by building on the past.

6. GIMMICKS are easy to see and use.
INNOVATION is hard to spot – and harder to do.

7. GIMMICKS take a lot of energy to maintain.
INNOVATION creates its own energy.

8. GIMMICKS are easy, but disposable.
INNOVATION is hard work, but long-lasting.

9. GIMMICKS attract attention to themselves.
INNOVATION points to a greater truth.

Gimmicks attract attention to themselves. Innovation points to a greater truth.

10. GIMMICKS are fun.
INNOVATION is important.

11. GIMMICKS are loved and hated along party lines.
INNOVATION creates new alliances.

12. GIMMICKS divert people's attention from what matters.
INNOVATION keeps people's attention on what matters.

13. GIMMICKS are shallow.

14. GIMMICKS are fake.

15 GIMMICKS aren't necessarily bad.
INNOVATION is necessary and good.

16. GIMMICKS need to be changed.
INNOVATIONS cause lasting change.

17. GIMMICKS are about adapting to current styles.
INNOVATION is about strengthening eternal principles.

18. GIMMICKS are culturally relevant.
INNOVATION is contextually real.

19. GIMMICKS attract the curious.
INNOVATION feeds the hungry.

20. GIMMICKS scratch an itch.
INNOVATION satisfies a need.

21. GIMMICKS change with the culture.
INNOVATION changes the culture.

22. GIMMICKS follow.

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December 30, 2015 at 7:48 AM

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