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7 Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church
If you’re considering leaving the church you attend, there are a few things you may want to consider before making the leap.
4. Someone Hurt Your Feelings

If you leave your current church over hurt feelings, you’ll leave your next church for the same reason. People are people. Feelings get hurt. Sometimes we’re too sensitive, sometimes the hurts are real. Either way, the solution isn’t leaving, it’s reconciliation. Or growing thicker skin.

Leaving a good church because one or two people offended you, only to go to another church where one or two people will offend you is not a solution.

5. The Church Is Changing

Every church needs to change. Not core theology. But methods, demographics, leadership styles and more.

Buildings need to be upgraded, new songs should be introduced, clothing styles fluctuate, demographics shift. And more.

Some people hit the brakes on every change, good or bad. If you have that tendency, you need to resist the temptation to assume that a change is bad just because it’s uncomfortable for you.

If the leadership of your church is changing things before you think they should, they're probably being proactive instead of reactive. That’s good leadership.

Society is changing around us. Fast. If your church leaders are trying new ways to meet the needs of a shifting society, don’t fight them. Help out.

6. You’re Hindering the Health, Unity or Growth of the Church

I know this was listed above as a good reason to leave the church. But not always.

Before you change churches, ask yourself if what really needs changing is you.

Before you change churches, ask yourself if what really needs changing is you.

You may discover that the change you feared in the church is the change you need in yourself. I know. It’s happened to me more than once.

After all, the Gospel is about change. From darkness to light, from death to life, from sin to salvation. And sometimes, from stubborn to teachable.

This may not be your time to change churches. It may be your time to let Jesus use your church to change you.

7. You’re Giving Up On Church Entirely

If you’re planning to leave your current church to stop attending church altogether, please reconsider this very dangerous step.

Very few decisions are more likely to cause long-term spiritual damage than leaving the church. Even for a little while. Because a little while almost always becomes a very long time.

Even deciding to ‘see what’s out there’ in other churches can be a dangerous practice. Church-shopping can become church-hopping, which easily leads to church-stopping.

Christianity was never meant to be lived in isolation.

We need you. You need us.

We need each other.

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