Tired of Being Trite: One Pastor's War On Ministry Clichés
Six steps that stop me from dumbing down the gospel (when I remember to follow them).

But I will listen to you. I will walk through it with you. And, most importantly, I will point you to the one who has real answers, by doing #4.

4. I will rely more directly on the life and teachings of Jesus.

Whether I’m preaching topically, teaching exegetically, telling an Old Testament story or comforting someone suffering great loss, Jesus will be my template for speech and behavior.

Jesus will be my template for speech and behavior.

5. I will not worry about being original.

First, because I can’t be. But mostly because, even if I ever had an original thought, my greatest idea would feel like regurgitated nonsense next to the smallest idea Jesus ever uttered.

6. I will strive to be genuine.

Communicating the ideas of Jesus starts with living in close relationship with Jesus. I want my words to match my actions. And I want all of it to be like Jesus.

The closer I can get to that, the less trite and more genuine my presentation of the anything-but-trite Gospel will be.

Genuine is the antidote to trite.

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