9 No-Fault, No-Excuse Reasons Many Healthy Churches Stay Small
There's no reason to believe that a healthy small church is making more mistakes than a healthy big church.

They won't go to a big church no matter how many trendy worship venues they offer. They prefer small, personal, even quirky.

5. Your Church May Be Called to Serve a Niche Segment of the Population

There are biker churches, cowboy churches, recovery group churches, messianic churches, even churches for ex-strippers.

The people those churches are called to reach are such a small segment of the population that they are not likely to ever get big. But the people they're reaching may never attend a church other than one that is designed for their peculiarities.

6. Community Demographics

Not every community is suited for megachurches, or even large ones.

For instance, there are small towns all over the world where the population base won't support growth past a certain size. The population of other communities is on a downward slide. Some churches serve the senior adult population, while others are serving a very transitional and fickle college population. Yes, there are big and megachurches in many of those communities, but smaller churches prevail.

If you take a look at where big- and megachurches predominate, you'll see that they thrive in certain regions and types of communities, while they are rare or nonexistent in others.

7. Cultural Realities

I have friends who pastor a church in Japan. They told me about a huge campaign put on by a well-meaning American denomination to build a large church building on a hill at the edge of a Japanese city.

The big, beautiful church building has been vacant since it was built. Why? It doesn't fit the Japanese culture.

When a Japanese person becomes a follower of Jesus, it is sometimes seen as shaming to their family and culture. Going to a large church building makes it worse because it is considered an ostentatious assault on the subtleties of their culture.

Japanese Christians need to be humble and small in the expression of their faith in order for it to be respected and considered valid.

There are many cultures around the world where bigness has similar problems. We need to honor those realities. But small churches work everywhere.

8. Some Churches are Sending Churches
Many churches see themselves, not as a bowl where people collect, but as a pipeline through which people pass.

Many churches see themselves, not as a bowl where people collect, but as a pipeline through which people pass. They bring them in, train them and send them out.

9. God Might Have a Plan for Your Church that Can Only Be Fulfilled By Being Small and Healthy

Oh yeah, that whole "will of God" thing. We sometimes forget that while making our own plans, don't we?

That's all for now. Something tells me I'll be writing another post in the future with another pile of reasons I haven't thought of yet.

For now, you can read more about this in my post, How to Tell If a Small Church Is Strategic or Stuck.

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