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The Gatekeepers are Gone: What’s Holding Your Ministry Back?
The era of needing approval to produce and distribute great ministry content is over. We just need to do it.

The gatekeepers are gone.

Just a couple decades ago, if you wanted to get your message to a massive audience, you had to work your way up a very hard, long ladder.

And every step on that ladder had a media gatekeeper who could stop your progress.

Publishers said “no” to book ideas and magazine articles. Station managers said “no” to TV and radio shows. Producers said “no” to a movie distribution deal. On and on it went.

There were very few media distribution channels and they were well guarded.

Not today.

Right now, there’s no one to stop you from creating great content and distributing it to millions of people.

There’s no one to stop you from creating great content and distributing it to millions of people.

It can be a TV show, a movie, a magazine, a radio show, a newscast or a book. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, iBooks, Periscope, Wordpress, Blogger and so many other venues, you can produce any content you want without asking for anyone’s approval.

You can record a radio show and podcast it today. You can shoot a movie or start a series of short films and put them on the internet in less than an hour. You can write your thoughts and ideas and send them out through a blog within minutes. All at no or minimal cost.

You don't even need a cameraman. Just a smart phone and a selfie stick.

The only person who can stop you is you.

New Ways to Proclaim Eternal Truths

You are reading this blog post on the most powerful information-sharing device ever created. And it gets more powerful every day.

The average smart phone, tablet or laptop has a higher definition camera than George Lucas had when he filmed Star Wars. It has access to a better editing suite than he had, too.

The device you are holding has wider worldwide distribution capabilities than any TV network had on 9/11.

The era of needing approval from anyone but God and ourselves to produce and distribute the eternal truths of the Gospel in fresh, new ways to millions of people is long gone.

You don’t need a stadium to do it. Or a church building. Or denominational support.

You don’t need a record contract, a movie offer, a TV network or a radio station.

All the technology you need to reach millions of people is literally at the tips of your fingers right now.

All on virtually no budget.

The Next Generation of Ministry Innovation

The world is changing at a mind-numbing pace.

We need to change too. Not our theology, but our methods.

We need to be innovators. Creators. Producers and distributors of life-changing content.

There’s never been a better, easier, more cost-effective time to do that than right now.

What’s holding you back?

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