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The Church Does Not Exist to Entertain Us – Or Bore Us
Jesus never bored people with the gospel. But entertainment was never the point. Truth was the point. And truth is never boring.

Whenever entertainment becomes the point, or boredom becomes the result of our church services, we’ve missed something big. Something vital. Something beautiful, eternal and life-changing.

We’ve missed the truth of the gospel.

We’ve traded our birthright for a mess of stew.

We’ve cast our pearls before swine.

Finding the Truth in the Middle of the Gospel

Why am I writing this? Who's my audience today?

Maybe it's just me.

Sometimes I need to remind myself:

  • Never undermine the truth of the gospel for a better Sunday morning show.
  • Never preach an easy version of a hard biblical truth.
  • Never denounce the sins of others while avoiding dealing with my own sins.
  • Never give up on the hard work of finding that middle place between entertaining people with the gospel and boring people with it.
  • Never lose the wonder of the gospel – or of my privilege to preach it.
  • Never use the gospel to promote my own ulterior motives. Like getting a better offering or building a bigger church.
Never undermine the truth of the gospel for a better Sunday morning show

I need to embrace the entire gospel.

I need to preach a grace so scary that it makes legalists wonder if I have any standards at all.

I need to preach God's justice and righteousness with such fervor that people worry I might be turning into a legalist myself.

I need to reflect the creativity and innovation of the creator as I teach his truth.

And I need to live that truth with as much honesty and integrity as I can – in God’s strength, not my own.

That's not an entertainment approach to the gospel. But it will never be boring.

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