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Small Churches are Not a Problem, a Virtue or an Excuse
Instead of arguing over big or small, let's utilize what's best about churches of all sizes. We're better with all of us than without any of us.
  • We are not the righteous remnant
  • Smallness is never because ‘we’re the only ones teaching the Bible’
  • There’s nothing holy about being small

While I believe that small churches will play a more visible role in the future growth of the church, I don’t believe we will replace big- or megachurches. Nor should we.

It’s not about big or small. It’s about big and small.

The entire church is better with all of us than without any of us.

3. Small Churches are Not an Excuse

Being small is not an excuse to do church poorly.

Being small is not an excuse to do church poorly.

While many small churches may not be able to afford a lot of things we’d love to have, like the latest technology, a permanent building or even a salary for the pastor, we will not allow any of that to stop us from being everything Jesus is calling us to be.

Here are some excuses we must no longer accept:

  • Just because we don’t have a kickin’ worship band does not mean we’ll settle for passionless worship
  • Lack of sermon prep time will not mean bad theology or boring preaching
  • Minimal finances will not stop us from being generous
  • Not having professionally-made graphics, flyers and banners won’t stop us from inviting our friends to church
  • We will not wait until we get bigger to do what Jesus is calling us to do right here, right now

A local church doesn’t need to be big to do the Jesus stuff well.

And the Jesus stuff is the only stuff that matters.

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