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5 Principles Small Churches Can Learn From Megachurches
Small churches are uniquely different from megachurches. But that doesn't mean we can't learn from each other.

I spend several hours each week building and maintaining proper systems. I and the church are better off for it.

To protect yourself, your church and your integrity, begin with this one basic principle: never be alone with the money.

Here are some simple steps to make that happen:

  • Have two people count every offering
  • Deposit the money into the bank as soon as possible
  • Set up a simple, accurate accounting system
  • Set up a budget
  • Stick to the budget
  • Have someone other than you or your family members doing as much of this as possible
Proper systems will never build a healthy church. But bad systems – or no systems – can kill one.

Proper systems will never build a healthy church. But bad systems – or no systems – can kill one.

5. Training and Delegation

Megachurches offer everything from discipleship classes to music workshops and more. And they have enough staff and volunteers to delegate most of the necessary tasks.

But how do you train and delegate when a church is so small there aren’t enough people to come to a training class, let alone enough money to hire staff?

Do what Jesus did. Start with one.

Jesus called his disciples one or two at a time. And he didn’t have a class or curriculum for them. He asked them to follow along, watch what he did, and do what they saw him do. Then he answered the questions that came as a result of that relationship.

You don’t need a classroom or curriculum to start. You don’t even need a plan. You just need someone who’s willing to spend some time with you.

And don’t rely on an announcement to get that person. People don’t respond to announcements. People respond to a personal invitation.

Ask someone if they can show up an hour early on Sunday to help you set up, or stick around for an hour after the service to help you tear down. Or take them along on hospital visitation. Find out what they can do, then have them do it with you.

As you see what they do well, or have a gifting in, start handing that job off to them. Then grab another person and do the same with them. And train them to train others.

There’s Always More to Learn

Small churches can’t do things the way megachurches do things. And we shouldn’t even try.

But let’s not be so stubborn, prideful or (I’ll say it) stupid that we think we can’t learn from each other.

The foot can help the hand. And the ear can learn from the eye.

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July 22, 2016 at 11:14 AM

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