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The First Step to Sparking Innovation In a Stuck Church
Church leaders need to spark the creativity of innovative believers by figuring out how to say yes to their passion.

We’ll get better ideas – and more creative people giving us those ideas – when they know their pastor will be their greatest encourager, supporter, promoter and fund-raiser, instead of the main hurdle they have to overcome.

Stuck Or Unstuck? It’s Not About Size

Stuckness isn’t about church size.

Big churches can get stuck just as easily as small churches can. And there are plenty of unstuck churches of all sizes that are doing fresh, innovative, kingdom-building ministry. Including the small church I pastor.

But when your church is small, it can be hard to tell if you’re stuck or not. So, if you’re wondering whether or not your church is stuck, check out How to Tell If a Small Church Is Strategic or Stuck for some tips.

Become a Yes Man

I don’t want yes-men on my team. But if I was a team member, I’d love to have a yes-man or -woman leading it. (Sorry, but there’s no gender-neutral term for this.)

Pastors need to become yes-men.

Having yes-men on the team is dangerous. It breeds false pride in the leader and dishonesty, status-seeking and mediocrity in the team member. Control freaks like yes-men.

But having a yes-man leading the team is awesome. It breeds freedom, creativity, sharing of ideas and great innovation.

Of course, when we say yes a lot, we’ll end up making some mistakes. But we’ll make mistakes when we say no a lot, too.

‘Yes’ mistakes are a lot more fun than ‘no’ mistakes.

‘Yes’ mistakes are a lot more fun than ‘no’ mistakes.

Saying yes can give you a reputation. A reputation that will draw positive, creative, passionate people to you, to the church and to Jesus. And it will keep the control freaks and wet blankets away.

Saying yes a lot can mean a wild ride sometimes. Fires are like that. That’s why God gave the church pastors and other leaders. Not to douse the fire or control it, but to channel it for God’s glory.

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