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From the Small
In the body of Christ, the voices of the small and suffering need to be heard more clearly. By listening more intently.

The Eyes and Ears of Jesus

This is not a call for pity, handouts, political correctness or nostalgia. It's a call to move ahead together.

To honor the biblical mandate. The mandate of Jesus. The mandate to ignore the clanging cymbals of the earthy princes who offer the cream off the top of their excess, so we can take notice of the widow quietly offering her all.

Not to help her (though that would be nice, too) but to learn from her persistent, worshipful, generous spirit.

Yes, we need to hear from the small.

Then share our microphone with them so their cries will be amplified. And ignored no more.

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June 06, 2016 at 6:52 AM

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