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How Church Size Culture Is Affecting the Decline of Denominations
The size of the church we minister in has almost invisibly become a greater point of connection and disagreement than our denominations.

There’s still some residue of that hanging around, of course. And it’s not that theology doesn’t matter. It does, and it should. But most of us have accepted the idea that no one will go to hell for walking into the wrong building on Sunday morning.

As long as there is agreement on the basics of the Gospel, the denomination (or lack of denomination) matters less now than perhaps any time since the early church.

While that change is almost universally good, the end of a denominational culture also means we have to discover new ways of finding common ground. Let’s hope we can do it without demonizing “the other” this time.

As a result, Church Size Culture has almost invisibly become a greater distinctive for ministers and ministries than our denominations. This goes for members as well as clergy. People who attend small churches define a quality church experience differently than those who attend big or megachurches.

Responding to Our Church Size Culture

Being a relatively new phenomenon, Church Size Culture is something we need to be aware of, observe carefully and adapt to wisely.

Church Size Culture is something we need to be aware of, observe carefully and adapt to wisely.

Denominations are trying to figure out how to respond to this new reality. Pastors are finding better ways to connect with each other. Independent churches are discovering that there are both joys and challenges in having no denominational authority or accountability. Many denominational churches are discovering there are more like-minded churches outside their ranks than inside.

We need to see the distinctions between large and small, not as reason to separate, but to appreciate what gifts each has to offer. It’s about how big and small can work together. Let’s hope the eye doesn’t ignore the hand this time.

A Post-Denominational Opportunity

Our communities no longer care what denominational tag is on our church sign. This is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to overcome old barriers and stereotypes. To work together. To put Jesus first.

Let’s reach across denominational lines, church sizes and other petty differences to connect with each other and reach our communities with the love of Jesus.

Maybe this time, we can lead by example.

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June 08, 2016 at 10:33 AM

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