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Dear Andy Stanley, Please Be the Small Church's Ally, Not Our Enemy
A plea from the 90 percent about "that" sermon you preached.

Many of them were raised in big churches, but they want to experience a small church when they leave home. Small churches can serve young people well, too.

You’ll also meet the wonderful, unselfish older folks who welcome these young people with open arms and hearts. And who teach them how to grow up to be loving, mature Christian adults.

And our church is not the only one like that. Not by a long shot.

But I invite you to ours.

Big Churches and Small Churches Together

We're on the same team, Andy.

We're on the same team, Andy.

So let me close this by quoting you, from the same sermon in question. About five minutes before you started insulting small churches, you said you were grateful to the church because:

“I learned in the local church that I was never to mistreat anyone.”

“I learned in the local church that I was accountable to my heavenly father for how I treated everyone.”

Those are great lessons that the church taught me as well.

And small churches are just as deserving of that kindness as everyone else is.

Andy, you're a good man, a brother in Christ and a powerful communicator.

I'm on your side. I ask you to be on ours, too.

Please reconsider your statements about small churches and let's work together.

(My post originally had three quotes attributed to Stanley. One was wrongly transcribed and has been removed. I apologize for the error. – KV)

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March 03, 2016 at 6:44 PM

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