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The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Looking Ahead
Small churches are a vital component of the most powerful force for goodness the world has ever seen.

Imagine how different the world would look, if

  • over billion people
  • transformed by the gospel of Jesus
  • strategically placed by the hand of God
  • in groups averaging 30 or so
  • tucked into every corner of the world

decided to really say “yes” to God.

Small churches are a vital component of the most powerful force for goodness the world has ever seen – the gospel of Jesus lived in and through his body, the church.

We don’t need to build one more church building, gather for any more seminars or devise a new strategy in order to be ready for the greatest movement in history. Even though all of those are great.

We just need to say “yes” to Jesus.

But what is Jesus asking us to say “yes” to?

There Is No Secret Sauce

We have to quit looking for some secret ingredient that will make our churches bigger and better.

Instead, I have this book I’d like to recommend to you. It’s often bound in leather. You may have one within arm’s reach. There’s probably a copy of it on the computer or smart phone you’re using to read this blog post.

It’s called the Bible.

It’s not a secret. We need to do the Bible stuff.

Everything we need to know is in there. It’s not a secret. We need to do the Bible stuff.

(This is the fifth in a five post series. Click here to read from the beginning.)

Love God, Love Others, That’s All

When Jesus was asked what we need to do to please God, he had a simple answer. Love God. Love others. That’s all. (Matthew 22:36-40)

There are places on earth without a doctor, a school or fresh water, but there’s a small church. And where there’s a small church, doctors, schools and fresh water always follow very close behind.

In fact, most missionaries start a school, dig a well and/or open a medical clinic before they break ground on a church building.

Why? Because of Jesus’ command. Love God. Love others. That’s all.

That’s why the church has always grown among the poor.

When we do the Bible stuff first, the world gets better. And people’s hearts bend towards Jesus a little more.

Think Goodness, Not Greatness

The disciples wanted Jesus to use his powers of persuasion to win a debate over religion and politics.

Jesus put a child on his knee.

The disciples wanted Jesus to leverage his time by impressing influencers.

Jesus wasted his time on a prostitute who wanted to wash his feet with her hair.

We’ve all met the high-powered leader who looks over our shoulder for the next, more important person, while he shakes our hand.

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October 05, 2016 at 12:38 AM

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