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Ministering to Millennials by Leveraging the Relational Power of Healthy Churches
We need to lean away from the church-as-business model and into the church-as-relational-community model. Love God and love others.

In going big, we’ve forgotten to go deep.

We’ve built bigger businesses at the cost of our families. And some have built bigger churches at the cost of our souls. I know I almost did.

Yes, big churches can be great churches. You can go big and deep. But only if going deep is your first priority.

Connect Them Intergenerationally

Boomers cried “don’t trust anyone over 30!” (How stupid were we?)

That’s not true today. If we’ll engage them in two-way conversation, not just one-way criticism, this generation is hungry for connection with the wisdom and friendship of previous generations.

They may not know how to express it in a way that we understand, but the need is there.

Worship, Work and Play With Them

When we keep our relationships separated into work, school, family and church, we create a schizophrenic society.

People need to see how their faith connects with life outside the church.

People need to see how their faith connects with life outside the church. And the best way for them to know that is by seeing us live it with them.

Be Genuine, not Cool

Be who you are. (Unless you’re a cranky old coot, that is.)

This generation has their phoniness detectors set to 11. And there’s nothing we can do to set them off faster than trying to be cool when we’re not.

Allow for Hard Questions

According to Hadyn Shaw in a great podcast interview with Carey Nieuwhof, the single biggest reason Millennials who were raised in the church are leaving it is because they had questions no one would answer.

The truth is, when sincere people ask hard questions, they’re often not requiring an answer as much as they’re needing a sympathetic ear.

People need to know it’s okay to ask hard questions. Even if the answer is “I don’t know the answer to that. But let’s see if we can find one together.”

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October 12, 2016 at 9:56 AM

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