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The Most Important Lesson Older and Younger Ministers Can Learn from Each Other
If I had one chance to tell younger and older ministers how to treat each other, here's what I'd say.
Older ministers need to listen to young ministers' questions.

Expressing what they don't know is often their best, fastest road to figuring out what they want to know.

And don't be too quick with answers. Especially the ones you've grown used to relying on. They've probably heard them before.

Just listen. Before they will trust what you have to say, they want to know they've been heard.

Let them to help you stay curious.

Be quick with your experiences, slow with your answers.

They want to engage in a dialog. They want to learn from your experiences, but they want – they need – to participate in the process of figuring it out, rather than having the answers handed to them

Assist them. Aid them. Walk with them.

But resist the temptation to pre-package the answer for them.

They will learn more by watching your life than by being spoon-fed the answers.

How Jesus Taught – And Listened

This method of learning from each other isn't some newfangled fad. It's how Jesus taught, and how his disciples learned.

Jesus listened to their questions, their doubts and their fears. He walked with them, lived life among them and shared experiences with them.

Sure, at times he sat and taught while they sat and listened – there are a lot of red letters in the Gospels, after all. But there were a lot of stories in those sermons. And they created even more stories as they walked, talked and ministered together.

And those sermons were usually followed by Q & A sessions with the twelve. With Jesus providing almost as many Q’s as A’s.

Jesus never told his disciples the what without helping them understand the why.

If we listen to Jesus together, he’ll do the same for us.

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April 05, 2017 at 2:13 AM

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