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Don't Let Bad Methods Undermine Good Theology
As a church leader, doing the right thing always comes first. But it will go nowhere if you’re not doing it in the right way.

Since you care enough about church and leadership to read this far, you probably are.

After all, churches at Point 1 don’t need posts like this. Point 3 churches think they’re in great shape, so they don’t think they need the help. And Point 4 churches have usually stopped caring a while ago.

So if you’re frustrated in a good church that could use some updated methods, I have three starter suggestions.

Three Steps On the Road to Unstuck and Healthy

First, re-learn and re-teach the essentials again – the principles that make a church healthy. As you do that, take note of what’s not required for a biblical church that you and/or the congregation might be hanging on to.

Re-learn and re-teach the essentials again – the principles that make a church healthy.

Second, start with an early, easy win. Drop something everyone is tired of, or start something everyone wants to do. In a previous post, I called this starting at the shallow end.

Third, take a serious assessment of the extra-biblical ideas or methods that you, pastor, might be hanging on to. Then make the needed changes. We can’t ask the church to drop their favorite ineffective method if we’re clinging to ours with clenched fists.

It might be a dried-up tradition that everyone but you has grown tired of. It might be that cool, new idea that no one but you has embraced.

Either way, if it doesn’t fit your situation, drop it.

Lead by humble example. That will always say more than words ever can.

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February 02, 2018 at 9:00 AM

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