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Are You a Small Church Pastor? So Was Jesus
If you pastor a small church Jesus knows what you're going through, because he felt it, too.
  • They were sent out to share the Gospel, two-by-two
  • They returned to share their stories
  • They were congratulated for successfully assaulting the gates of hell
  • They were encouraged for further service
  • Jesus was pleased with what they did

If you were given those bullet points about 72 people without knowing who they were, not only would most of us say “that’s a small church”, we’d say it’s the healthiest small church we’ve ever heard of.

Jesus showed us what it means to be a great small church pastor.

So, even though most of us agree that the church didn’t technically begin until the day of Pentecost, this group of 72 had many of the hallmarks that any healthy small church should have.

Jesus, the Small Church Pastor

Jesus showed us what it means to be a great small church pastor.

  • He shepherded a small group of imperfect, but committed people
  • He discipled them through relationship and instruction
  • He knew what it was like to have the crowds leave as quickly as they came
  • He developed a leadership team
  • He got frustrated when his leadership team seemed like they’d never get it together
  • He was let down by the people he loved when he needed them the most
  • He helped them assess their progress, using correction and encouragement
  • He prepared them to keep the ministry going after he was no longer with them

If you are a small church pastor, know this. Whatever you’re going through, whatever frustrations you feel and whatever joys you experience, Jesus felt them too.

You’re not alone. Jesus understands.

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January 06, 2017 at 3:09 AM

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