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Why It's A Bad Idea To Run A Church Like A Business
Anyone can own and run a business. But Jesus owns the church. So he gets to say how it should be run.

Churches don’t run that way. At least they shouldn’t.

It’s not up to the pastor to decide what a church should or shouldn’t be. The nature of the church is up to Jesus. Our role is to stay true to his vision, not create our own.

Jesus’ Church, Not Ours

Not only do pastors not own the church, we don’t even own the pastorate. Instead, we get the honor of wearing the title of pastor for a while, only to hand it off to someone else when our time is over – hopefully better off than when we found it.

Not only do pastors not own the church, we don’t even own the pastorate.

So, even when we use a term like "my church" it should always be in the belonging sense, not the owning sense.

Hold On Loosely

If you have a vision that you want to see come to fruition, go for it! Start a business. Maybe even a ministry-based business.

I highly recommend it.

But if you want to start or pastor a church, hold it loosely.

Don’t launch or lead a local church according to your heart or vision. Get a fresh picture of Christ’s heart and vision.

Be a hand, an eye or a foot in the body of Christ. But always remember Jesus is the head.

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July 06, 2017 at 12:07 AM

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