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CTPastors Has a Small Church Section – And They Want to Hear From You!
How to pitch, write and submit an article that fellow small church pastors will want to read, and the editors of CTPastors will want to publish.
  • Write a title that tells readers exactly what the post is about
  • Tell them the main point of the post in the first paragraph
  • Write the post with as little fluff as possible
  • Then stop
Speak from Your Area of Expertise

If you’ve been able to turn a dying church around, tell us. Planted a successful church or ministry? Tell us.

Haven’t done either of those, but think you know how to do it anyway? Don’t tell us.

And yes, you do have an area of expertise. For years I wanted to write books and articles to help other pastors, but I didn’t have one of those ‘our church grew from 30 to 3,000 in three years’ stories.

But I did have something. I pastored a dying church out of a long, downward trajectory to become healthy, strong and have an impact way beyond our size.

It turns out I know what it means to pastor a healthy small church. So that’s what I write about.

Offer Practical Ministry Ideas

What have you or your church done that others might benefit from? You might be surprised at how much you know - and how much it can help others.

You might be surprised at how much you know - and how much it can help others.

For example, some of my most popular articles have been about such mundane, but universal topics as planning the church’s calendar year and how to become more friendly to first-time guests.

Have you adapted your facility in an innovative way? Do you have some favorite ministry apps you use? Tell us about your experience and expertise in a way that others can learn from.

Speak with Your Own Voice

You know that great story you got on the internet and used in last Sunday’s message? Don’t write about that. It may have been new to your congregation, but pastors have seen it already. We probably used it last Sunday, too.

Instead, tell us what you’re thinking, feeling and doing successfully. We want to hear from you and your experience.

Break It Up Into Short Paragraphs Or Bullet Points

People don’t read online articles like they read books. They want to scan it first, then they’ll read it if the scan goes well. If it’s not scanable, they’ll click to the next one.

That's why so many online articles have bullet points and lists.

The points don’t have to be as short as the ones in this article, but most paragraphs shouldn’t be any longer than three sentences.

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March 22, 2017 at 2:56 AM

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