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Hey, Boomers! Let’s Step Up And Be The Elders The Church Desperately Needs Right Now
We've been doing this badly, folks. Here are three simple steps to help my generation of Boomers become better at discipling the next generation.

Here are three ways we Boomers can start to become the elders the church needs:

1. Stop Isolating, Start Engaging

We won’t be heard if we refuse to participate.

In too many churches, pastors are still having to divide the church into young/old, contemporary/traditional categories to try and please everyone. And, in my experience, that happens far more often because Boomers refuse to sing new songs than because Millennials refuse to sing old ones.

We need to show up, help out, and worship with all our heart and passion, whether we like the music or not.

We need to show up, help out, and worship with all our heart and passion, whether we like the music or not.

We can’t lead, guide and help younger generations if we’re cutting ourselves off from them during the time the entire body should be getting together.

2. Stop Complaining, Start Encouraging

No one will open themselves up to learn from a person who’s default response is to complain about everything – or most things.

Complainers have little influence. Encouragers have a lot. After all, no one’s life was ever made worse by receiving too much encouragement.

Too many compliments? Too much flattery? Those are a problem. But there’s no such thing as too much encouragement.

If you want to have influence start by being an encouragement. Encouragement is like water in the desert. It softens hearts, cools tempers and opens people up to receive what we have to give.

3. Stop Demanding, Start Equipping

Now I’m gonna get blunt.

If you’re a mature believer, you need to act like one. Show up at church to serve, not to be served.

Put yourself in a position of influence by becoming the servant Jesus calls all of us to be.

Stop demanding that the pastor, the worship leader and the young people (if your church has any) do church your way, and start asking how you can help the next generation serve Jesus with even greater passion and wisdom than previous generations.

We have the years. The experience. The tools. The maturity.

Now we need to add the willingness to engage, encourage and equip. And maybe even learn a few new things along the way.

It’s time to get to work.

(For some practical steps on doing this better, check out my follow-up post, 3 Ways To Become The Godly Elders Today’s Youth Need – And Want To Follow.)

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July 02, 2018 at 2:00 AM

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