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What Is Appropriate To Wear In Church? (2 Reasons It Doesn't Matter And 3 Guidelines)
Wear what helps you think more about Jesus and less about yourself – and what will help others do the same.

Second, I’ve always found the “there’s a dress code when you meet the president or a king” argument to be very odd.

Sure, there’s a dress code for meeting a king – unless you’re the king’s kid, of course. Which we are.

Sure, there’s a dress code for meeting a king – unless you’re the king’s kid, of course. Which we are.

So much of this is based on a faulty theology of what church is to begin with. As I’ve written previously, we don’t go to church to meet with king Jesus. Christ is with us everywhere.

If I have to wear appropriate clothes to worship Jesus, then I’d better not sing worship songs or practice for an upcoming sermon while I’m showering. And plumbers had better not pray while they’re wearing coveralls, crawling under a house through mud.

The argument that we need to dress up to worship is based on some seriously flawed theology about what constitutes worship and the purpose of gathering as the church.

Are There Any Guidelines For Clothing?

Finally, there are some rules for how Christians should dress. And they are a matter of the heart far more than the clothes themselves. As believers, we should not dress immodestly, pridefully or rebelliously.

1. Immodesty

This may be the only point on which virtually all Christians everywhere agree about clothing. We may not always agree on what is or is not modest, but we do agree that modesty matters.

Anything that emphasizes our sexuality is inappropriate for anyone but our spouse. And this goes for men as well as women.

2. Pride

It’s amazing how some people get upset about seeing a t-shirt or baseball cap in church, but they have no problem with outrageously expensive suits or dresses, tons of makeup, expensive haircuts, gold watches and fancy jewelry on the preacher.

Scripture does not address casual clothes at all, but it directly forbids such displays of “adornment” (1 Peter 3:3).

3. Rebellion

While some people dress in their Sunday Best out of pride, others want to wear clothing that is different from everyone else just to make a point.

Just like the teenager who wants to wear what their parents hate, if what we wear to church is to push back against that church’s cultural standards, we’re being inappropriately rebellious and not very Christlike.

Why I Dress Casually

Most people who dress casually don’t do so out of disrespect for God or the church. We do so because we can be less self-conscious that way.

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November 03, 2018 at 2:00 AM

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