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Whatever Happened To Churches Meeting Felt Needs? – And What Should Replace It?
Meeting needs is a big part of the church’s mandate. But meeting "felt” needs has always been a slippery slope.

But meeting people’s “felt” needs has always been a slippery slope because people tend to feel their most immediate needs, but often have little or no understanding of what their truer, deeper needs really are.

Since the church is no longer the only place for people to get their physical, social and emotional needs met, what role do we serve now, if any?

The One Need Only The Church Can Meet

The church’s primary message should never be “tell us what you need and we’ll get it for you”, but “you know that deep, gnawing ache beneath your immediate feelings? The one you don’t even have a name for, and may be trying to ignore? Jesus wants to meet you there.”

You know that deep, gnawing ache beneath your immediate feelings? Jesus wants to meet you there.

That’s the one need the church can meet that no one else can. We can introduce them to hope and healing through a life in Christ, and into the fellowship of believers.

After all, people who love Jesus and love each other in Jesus’ name is the very definition of church.

Jesus didn’t give us the Great Commandment by mistake. It’s the only essential we have.

That’s what people have always and will always need the church for – whether they feel that need or not.

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October 24, 2018 at 2:00 AM

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