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9 Ways Church Leadership Conferences Can Attract More Small Church Pastors
Don’t just help us break through barriers, help us know what to do before we break though.

And maybe (probably) a big part of that growth happened because you made necessary changes structurally and spiritually to prepare for that that growth. If so, I want to learn what you did.

But a move of God can’t be bottled and sold.

I know you can point to a couple other churches with similar successes, but unless the average church that tried your good ideas had the same explosive success (with stats to support it), please stop making outrageous, unsupportable claims about it.

Teach us, encourage us, help us.

But stop making promises to us.

8. Incorporate Size Dynamics

In a previous article, Responsive Design: If Your Church Leadership Ideas Don’t Adapt For Size, You’re Behind The Curve, I wrote about the importance of making sure your ideas are adaptable to all sizes of churches.

Size dynamics are ignored in far too much church leadership teaching.

Don’t just tell us what works in larger churches, help us see how that idea can be adapted for smaller churches, too.

Don’t just tell us what works in larger churches, help us see how that idea can be adapted for smaller churches, too.

If it can’t, that’s fine. Not everything works for all sizes. Just let us know that so we don’t waste time and energy on something that doesn’t fit us.

9. Make Them Less About Developing Systems And More About Deepening Relationships

Systems change for different sizes. But relationships work everywhere.

If you keep that in mind when you teach us, more of what you say will fit more of our situations.

The Disconnect Is Unnecessary

Most church leadership conferences don’t intend to exclude small churches as much as they do.

What it takes is a determination to keep small churches in mind as you plan the location, schedule, price, speakers and content of your next conference.

We want to learn from you. We know you work hard at these events. We know your content is good.

But our needs, strengths and concerns have to be acknowledged if we’re going to receive real value from the hard work you’re doing.

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June 10, 2019 at 6:49 AM

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