Podcast Episode 023, 1 hr 5 min
A Christian's Guide To The Gender Revolution, with Dr. Vince Gil (Ep 023)
Karl and Dr. Gil address issues of concern to pastors, and provide a dialogue on how to approach varied sex/gender concerns in congregants and beyond.

Karl Vaters: Okay. So yeah. So you were teaching at Vanguard University, which is just not far from where the two of us are sitting here today, because we both live in Orange County, California. I've known about you by reputation for many years, as I think for several years, you were the first class that got filled up at Vanguard just about every… At least that was the reputation I heard.

Vince Gil: Continued to be the reputation for 38 years. Human sexuality was the first class to close, just about every semester. I taught it every semester for 38 years and it was the first class on the roster to close.

Karl Vaters: And obviously, you know, if you're going to talk about sexuality, that's going to fill up before a whole lot of other subjects that may also be important, but don't quite have that zing in the title. But more than that, it was also the reputation of the class that students walked away feeling like they really had a clearer understanding, a more nuanced understanding, a strong academic understanding, a stronger biblical understanding of these issues.

Because most of what we hear about this is people yelling on one side to people who are yelling on the other side, and very few people listening. And those of us feel like we're stuck in the middle, we don't even know how to listen to the voices when all they're doing is screaming.

Vince Gil: That’s right. One of the things that I tried to do with this class was, Number one, open up the topic to Christians, especially younger Christians who may not have had that kind of opportunity in their home because their homes themselves were pretty hesitant to talk about sexuality and particularly Christian homes.

It's a taboo topic many times or a topic that gets a lot of don'ts, but it doesn't really get an explanation. So the class became a linchpin for an open conversation between myself and the students, which led to a lot of students then coming after class and saying, Hey, can you talk to me about this, or I think I have a problem I'd like to share with you, and so forth. So that began, I think, the reputation of the class being what it became, which was really an open forum for helping the student to really get to the place of understanding sexuality in a Christian sense.

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