Podcast Episode 26, 1 hr 7 min
Destigmatizing the "M" Word (Marketing), with Austin Savage (Ep. 26)

Austin Savage: How are you as a leader in your community, adding value and building trust with people in their daily walks?

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl and I'm a small church pastor, and welcome to Can This Work in a Small Church? My guest today is Austin Savage and the subject is de-stigmatizing the ‘M’ word, namely marketing. Austin spent several years with the 95 network, and he still co-hosts the 95 podcast, which is all about leading in the small church. But he's also recently launched out on his own to establish Austin Savage and Company that helps churches to create content and to do today's subject, which is marketing. In this conversation, Austin and I talk about a handful of really important things when it comes to de-stigmatizing this term.

First of all, we talk about the difference between marketing and promotion or advertising. That marketing is bigger than that, in a lot of ways very different than that. Secondly, we talk about how to put the content your church is already creating into the marketplace in creative ways. And then we talk about how to get started doing that, especially in a smaller church, without costing any money whatsoever.

Don't forget to stick around when the interview is done. I'll come back with an overview of the content and an answer to the question, Can this work in a small church?

Hey, Austin. Welcome to the podcast. It's good to have you on today, my friend.

Austin Savage: It is good to be here, Karl. Hey, last time we recorded a podcast interview it went really, really well.

Karl Vaters: Oh boy. You know, before we get to the subject matter for today, let's do this. We were joking before the podcast about actually making this a part of the subject matter, so let's do it. This has been a series of strange things going wrong to get us to this point today. And I'm assuming that it's being recorded correctly right now. We'll find out later. So we recorded this months ago, and when we got to the playback, your voice sounded like your voice sounds now. My voice sounded like it was at half speed, but it was actually at regular speed.

Austin Savage: It was so weird. You sent it to me and you were like, Austin, how do we fix this? And I was like, Karl, now I edit podcasts for a living and I have never seen anything like this.

Karl Vaters: I know, right.

Austin Savage: It was so weird.

Karl Vaters: It was nice to know that it wasn't just me when an expert doesn't know how to fix it here. So we had that and I recorded another podcast with Josh Givens, I think on maybe even on the same day as I recorded that with you, and they both had the same issue. So I had to send it out to both of you,We're going to have to redo them. And so we redid the podcast and I recorded Josh's a couple of weeks ago. And then the second big mistake was…This is so weird…. I got the subjects mixed up and I started interviewing him about your subject, the subject you and I had decided to do.

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May 16, 2022

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