Podcast Episode 26, 1 hr 7 min
Destigmatizing the "M" Word (Marketing), with Austin Savage (Ep. 26)

And what I learned was there's actually value in having a space that you have to fill with something. At times you'll end up just filling it with nonsense because it feels ridiculous, but it gets you into a pattern. It gets you into the discipline. You know, if you only wait until you feel inspired to do something, you will never do anything.

Austin Savage: Yeah.

Karl Vaters: I think it's the schedule of, Okay, we're going to do this today. I mean we could have put this off and figured something else out. We talked to each other and went, Hey, here's an area that you're in, and here's an area that I think our folks would be interested in, and we were able to figure it out.

So I think there really is value in filling the space and in the discipline of doing that, that helps your creative muscles strengthen.

Austin Savage: That's the word that came to mind for me was creativity. I was just thinking,like, that's my personality. Like, honestly, I'm best when I just am kind of forced to be in…like, I have to come up with something. I have to think of a solution, like on the spot. And that's one of my favorite parts in my role now is whenever we go into like a discovery call or something where we're talking to a new potential client or something like that, I love going in with like this blank slate, and you're like, where's the conversation going to go?

So I was excited when you were like, Hey… Even though I had prepared like a little bit before, I was so pumped when you were like, Oh, we have to change our subject last minute. So I'm just ready.

Karl Vaters: Alrighty. So here's what we decided or what I decided, I think would be really helpful for our audience. And by the way, for those of you who do not know Austin, I said it in the prerecorded intro, but he and I met when he was working specifically and I think exclusively for 95 Network. And now you have your own company, Austin Savage and Company. Is that?

Austin Savage: Yeah, Austin Savage and Co. You know, it’s got to sound cool.

Karl Vaters: But you have, obviously that background at 95 Network. You have a real heart for and understanding of the small church environment. First of all, quickly, what is Austin Savage and Co all about?

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May 16, 2022

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