Podcast Episode 26, 1 hr 7 min
Destigmatizing the "M" Word (Marketing), with Austin Savage (Ep. 26)

Austin Savage: Yeah, that's exactly it. So like I was... I said this a little bit before, but how people respond to marketing has changed. You still have to promote things sometimes, right? Like sometimes you just got to be like, Hey, we have a service and we want you to show up there and you're just sharing a promotional piece, or you're saying, Hey, we have a VBS that we want you to come to. Or we have an event that we think would be helpful. And so there are times that you have to promote, but for a long time that has been what churches did from a marketing perspective. We promoted things and we asked people to come to things, we asked people to bring their friends, we asked people to take a step. And that's how we were communicating and marketing ourselves, quote, unquote to our community.

Now, what that should mean for a church, that net is getting a lot wider for what's included in marketing. Because people are just tapped out on being asked to do things and it becomes very repetitive, it becomes very overwhelming. And so there's a real opportunity, I think for churches now, as we're kind of shifting perspectives, like you're saying Karl, of not just thinking about how we market ourselves in the terms of how do we promote what's going on here at the church to our community, but it really is wider of how are we building trust with our community? Like how does our community even know that we care? People who have never been here, how are we developing a reputation outside of Sunday that people know that here at this church, they literally care about what is happening in this community, they care about the issues we care about, they care about seeing beautiful things happen in this community? And just thinking through a wider lens is really what marketing is today. It's how people really start to build trust, get behind a brand, and want to be part of something in a deeper way than just being asked to show up at an event.

It comes to the digital shift that's happening because we have way more opportunities today to build trust with people before they have ever taken a physical step with us, which is opposite of how it used to be. Because I imagine in the 70s and 80s, you know, back in the day, it was really more about the opposite. Like, you needed to get people there so that you could build trust with them and build that personal relationship. But today it's building trust before, and then asking them to take the step.

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May 16, 2022

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