Podcast Episode 28, 56 min
Ending Human Trafficking, with Dr. Sandra Morgan (Ep 28)
In this episode we talk about how healthy churches are uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking

Sandra Morgan: Well, and it’s a two-sided coin because let me just say from the get-go, churches are also highly valued in community engagement in lots of issues around vulnerable people, and human trafficking is included in that. However, at the same time, churches are very well-meaning, but they haven't done their homework, they don't understand roles that are defined in protocols, bureaucracy, if you will, but somebody is going to lose their job if they do what you ask them to, because God told you to. And I functioned as the administrator of a federal task force, Karl and I didn't put it in the book, but I was accused of persecuting my brothers and sisters, because I didn't let them go around corners and cut corners and do what they wanted to do, because they had an insider in a role that they thought could do that. So part of my motivation in writing this book is to help churches do well, present their message without compromising it, and making sure that they actually do bring benefit to the community. They don't take up law enforcement hours managing botched civil investigations, if you will, citizen savior people. And so the hope is that people won't be offended, but that they will take a moment and say, Oh yeah, maybe I'm one of those, and then dig in and find out how to be the other side of the coin that is so highly valid.

Karl Vaters: You start out that way, and I think it's important that you do because you immediately catch people's attention. But immediately - that's page one - and then by page three, you have in multiple times said, and then you continue to say through the book - in fact, I'm going to quote you here: “The body of Christ is uniquely positioned for the essential work of prevention.” So what is it about the body of Christ that positions us, especially… there are six P’s we'll talk about later - but prevention, particularly we are uniquely suited for. Why is that?

Sandra Morgan: Well, I believe that we're suited for prevention because we live in the community, we know when someone's becoming more marginalized, more vulnerable. I always challenge pastors, Do a six-block walk around your church. Find out if you've got single moms, if you have foster families that are struggling to continue to provide that family-based care… Sorry, losing my voice, so excited. But do that right where you are because the people at the 30,000 foot level, they have to use data to aggregate and figure out where are the hot spots. But you know that area, this is your place. And you're actually called to be salt and light. Light seeks out the dark places, salt preserves. And salt is a life-giving element in not just a philosophical sense or spiritual sense, but also in real life.

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June 20, 2022

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