Podcast Episode 28, 56 min
Ending Human Trafficking, with Dr. Sandra Morgan (Ep 28)
In this episode we talk about how healthy churches are uniquely positioned to help prevent human trafficking

Sandra Morgan: Exactly. I love and I so appreciate - big shout out to former ambassador, John Cotton Richmond, who wrote our foreword. And in the book we're calling especially churches not to go down to the bottom of the cliff where the broken bodies are. We have to go there, yes, but to literally climb up to the top of the cliff and build a fence so people don't fall over. And in the foreword, Ambassador Richmond calls us guides and sherpas that make that, scale the mountain with you. And that's what the real value of this book is. You're going to find the resources to figure out where the cliff is in your community, and what part of the fence you can add to keep people from falling off the cliff.

Karl Vaters: You open the book in the first chapter, or maybe even in the intro, you recount a story that many of us have preached on before, out of 2 Kings chapter 4, and the woman who collected all the jars and got all the oil, right? We all preach it from different standpoints. Those from a Pentecostal background talk about the oil of the Spirit, and others talk about it in different ways, but you laid it out in a way… When you first mentioned the story and that was about preventing human trafficking, I went, It's what? But then when you lay it out, it actually is. Could you walk us through, because I think this is a great way...

Sandra Morgan: I love that story. I love the Bible and especially Old Testament stories because every time I read them, I see another application. And when I first started working in anti-trafficking, I saw that story again and I thought, Oh my goodness, this is the first time that prevention happened because of the spiritual leadership in a community. The creditors were coming to take the widow’s two sons as slaves. And that scenario happens over and over and over again right now in 2022. Right now. And so the way that Elisha responded was like laying out a community development best practice manual for people, and it's only seven verses.

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June 20, 2022

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