Podcast Episode 006, 35 min
Video Ministry Using Devices You Already Own, EP 006
Craig Forrest has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for ministries and network TV. He’s passionate about helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way. In this interview I talk with him about video ideas and tips that can be used in any size of church on a limited or nonexistent budget.

Can This Work In A Small Church

Craig Forrest: And I am going on 65 years of age and I will never know it all. And once you realize that, come to grips with the fact that you will never know it all, that there's always something to learn. Then you're always trying to learn. Like, because digital just change.s Today is a Tuesday and on Friday there'll be something new that I need to learn. And that's really, really cool.

Karl Vaters: Hi, I'm Karl, and I'm a small church pastor. My podcast guest today is Craig Forrest. Craig has spent decades shooting and editing film and video for both ministries and network TV at home and around the world. We'll be talking about doing better video ministry using the devices you already own.

One thing I love about the way Craig approaches this is that he doesn't use techno-speak. His interest is not in the technology and the toys, but in helping people communicate the message of Jesus in a compelling way, because of that the tips he offers can be helpful in any size church on the limited or even non-existent media budget.

Craig and I have been friends for a while. So when we joined the interview, it's in the middle of our conversation after he had brought up two points that I knew would be of interest to you. And don't forget to stick around after the interview is done. I'll come back with an overview of the content and an answer to the question “can this work in a small church?”

What we didn’t have 20 years ago, if a church wanted to do any kind of video that was going to be seen anywhere, they had to buy a whole bunch of equipment that they didn't already have. Today, we've already got one of these [smartphone], which is generations ahead of the best video cameras that could have video and film cameras that could have been bought just a few decades ago. First of all, technically, am I correct in saying that?

Craig Forrest: Yes. And I would also say this. Here is my Apple 11. It's not a 12 because we bought it when the only thing available was the 11. This cellphone which is a year old or so has a better camera than my $42,500 Sony betacam from 1989. Better than my $42,500 Sony betacam from 1989. It takes better pictures. You use what's available to you. You brought up two things, Karl. If a small church pastor wants to do something good and compelling, I like the word compelling.

Karl Vaters: That's a great word.

Craig Forrest: Interesting, you gravitate towards it, it’s attractive, it grabs my attention. There's a couple of ways to go. One is, you probably have a young person in your church that can help you do it. And they're just looking for a reason and a cause to pull out their camera and to take videos.

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August 5, 2021

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